Zelensky requests South Korea for military aid

Zelensky requests South Korea for military aid

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, requested military equipment support from South Korea on Monday in order to assist his country in its ongoing battle against the Russian invasion.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, Zelensky made the plea during a virtual address before South Korean legislators, stating that Ukraine requires a variety of military technologies, including planes and tanks.

“Ukraine may be able to benefit from assistance from the Republic of Korea. South Korea possesses a wide range of military weapons capable of intercepting Russian boats and missiles “he explained.

He expressed gratitude to South Korea for the support it has supplied thus far, but underlined that more assistance will be required if his country is to survive and win the war.

“I would greatly appreciate it if the Republic of Korea could assist us in our efforts to stand up to Russia… Not only would such weapons save the lives of ordinary people, but they will also provide an opportunity to defend Ukraine, and not only Ukraine, but also to ensure that other nations are not attacked by Russia.”


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During his 15-minute speech, Zelensky discussed the current situation in his country, which he described as “at least tens of thousands of people” certain to die in the besieged city of Mariupol.

His warning was that Russia has no regard for the number of casualties and will go to any length to prevent the world community from uniting in opposition to the country, even cutting it off from the international banking system.

“Every country has the right to self-determination. All cities have the right to live in peace with one another. Everyone has the right not to perish as a result of a war. This is the goal for which we are fighting. This is what I’m asking you to join us in as we stand up to Russia, and I hope you agree.”

To bring his speech to a close, Zelensky requested that the MPs view a brief video clip shot by a journalist in Mariupol.

Graphic scenes of weeping adults, dead children, and bodies being put into mass graves were shown in the movie to demonstrate the devastation that had occurred in the city.

According to Zelensky, “the road to the end is long.” “Russia does not intend to occupy solely the Ukrainian territory. Russia would almost definitely attack other countries after it has attacked Ukraine.”

Following hours of denials from the South Korean defence ministry, which cited “our security situation” as well as “the potential impact on our military’s readiness posture,” the request came as a surprise.

South Korea’s support has consisted of 1 billion won ($804,100) in non-lethal military supplies, such as bulletproof helmets and blankets, as well as medical supplies and equipment.

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