The Covid Crisis Is Not Over, It May Resurface : PM Modi

The Covid Crisis Is Not Over, It May Resurface : PM Modi

The administration of approximately 185 crore doses of vaccines to stop the spread of COVID-19 was made possible, according to Prime Minister Modi, thanks to public support. Covid Crisis

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the coronavirus has not gone away and is constantly returning. He also warned people not to let their guard down in the fight against the pandemic.
It is impossible to predict when the ‘bahurupiya’ (one that changes form) COVID-19 may reappear, according to Prime Minister Modi, who also noted that the public’s support made it possible to provide over 185 crore doses of vaccines to restrict its spread.

He was speaking via video conference at the Maa Umiya Dham in Vanthali, Gujarat’s Junagadh district, as part of the temple’s 14th foundation day celebrations. Maa Umiya is revered as the deity of the Kadva Patidar community, and her shrine is dedicated to her. Covid Crisis

The Prime Minister exhorted worshippers of Maa Umiya to switch to natural farming in order to save Mother Earth from the evil of chemical fertilisers, which are now in use.

Additionally, he invited people to sign a promise to assist in the construction of 75 ‘Amrit Sarovars’ (lakes) in each district as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, which is being held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

“Corona (the COVID-19 pandemic) was a major problem, and we are not declaring the crisis to be ended just yet. We may have seen a lull in its activity, but we never know when it will reappear. It is referred to as a ‘bahurupiya’ sickness. A total of roughly 185 crore doses (of vaccines) were delivered to prevent this, which startled the entire globe. This has only been made possible because of your generosity “he explained. Covid Crisis

The Prime Minister also suggested that followers of Maa Umiya should embark on a project to improve the health of malnourished children and anaemic mothers at the local level, according to the PM.

In order to promote good health among children, he believes that the “Maa Umiya Trust,” the organisation that oversees the temple, should organise tournaments at the village level.


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“It is the responsibility of Maa Umiya’s devotees to ensure that no kid suffers from malnutrition, regardless of the community he or she belongs to. In order for a society and a country to be strong, each youngster must be strong “he explained.

The prime minister also stated that the increased knowledge of female foeticide has resulted in the country’s girls demonstrating their prowess in the Olympic Games, according to him. “Who will not be proud of our daughters?” he asked later in the speech.

PM Modi also appealed to the public to join the government’s drive to rescue Mother Earth by encouraging the adoption of natural farming practises and to maintain efforts to save water resources.

“It will be necessary for us to defend Mother Earth…

In Gujarat, we have a governor named Acharya Devvrat, who is completely committed to natural farming. Since his speeches to taluka farmers, thousands of farmers have switched to natural agricultural methods, according to the president “he explained.

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has called on the public to show their support for him by responding to his demand for the same, according to him.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi urged citizens to save water by digging, deepening, and upgrading existing water bodies to create 75 ‘Amrit Sarovars’ in each district, according to the New York Times.

“Let us embark on a project to construct 75 lakes in each of the districts…

It’s not a major deal for those of you who have constructed thousands of check dams. Consider what a significant service this will be “he explained.

The Prime Minister stated that those who have experienced a severe water shortage should not abandon the practise of water conservation, regardless of the level of achievement that has been achieved in this field. According to him, “this is something that needs to be done every year before the monsoon by deepening of lakes and cleaning of water channels to conserve water,” in order to conserve water.

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