RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) Perfect movie review

RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) Perfect movie review

“No Man’s Land” is the famous “No Man’s Land” sequence from Wonder Woman, in which Gal Gadot walks over a desolate battlefield in slow motion while deflecting bullets from German soldiers with her wrist cuffs and magical shield. With godlike agility, she leaps through muddy fields, her national anthem rising behind her in patriotic pride as the wind whips through her hair. The film RRR (“Rise Roar Revolt”), directed by S.S. Rajamouli and set in 1920s Delhi, contains a similar scene. RRR is an action-drama hybrid about the experiences of two Indian revolutionaries who take quite different tactics to battling British occupation. The difference is that in RRR, it’s simply one of a half-dozen scenarios of a similar nature to this. RRR movie review

RRR movie review

Two historical individuals, Komaram Bheem (NT Rama Rao Jr.) and Alluri Sitarama Raju (Alluri Sitarama Raju), are mythologized in Rajamouli’s next outsized action spectacle. Rajamouli is the filmmaker of the much-loved Baahubali films, which are currently available on Netflix (Konidela Ram Charan). When Bheem lived in the real world, he was a leader of the Gondi people who worked with other groups to fight against landlords and mining firms who were encroaching on their tribal territories. When Raju was not leading guerilla raids on imperial police stations and taking British guns and ammunition, he was putting an end to the unequal playing field that existed between colonizers and colonized. RRR movie review

As a result of the storyline that reframes Raju as an undercover officer on a mission to bring down the British power structure from inside, this last point makes it into RRR. When compared to the fact that both Raju and Bheem have superhero-like agility, strength, and combat powers, this is a tiny deviation from the story. Both are capable of scaling skyscrapers like Spider-Man, dodging gunshots like Wonder Woman, and flipping their opponents like professional wrestlers, among other things. Bheem, representing the element of water, counts the creatures of the forest among his comrades, and surges onto the field of combat with tigers and wolves by his side. And Raju, who represents fire, rides in a blazing wagon and fires fiery arrows at the audience. Put yourself in the shoes of Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere as they join the MCU, with Franklin harnessing the power of electricity and Revere harnessing that of the wind’s swiftness.

RRR Box Office Day 1 : creates HISTORY at the WW Box Office. RRR movie review

The inclusion of superpowers isn’t the only liberties done with their narratives. RRR proposes that they became friends after they each made their way to Delhi in the early 1920s — Raju as an undercover imperial police officer, Bheem on a rescue mission to save a village girl kidnapped by a colonial governor — and that they became friends after they each made their way to Delhi in the early 1920s. (They never actually met in person.) In the film, the two become friends as a result of their shared daring-do. A nod from them signals their agreement to embark on a perilous impromptu rescue operation to save a little child who has been trapped by a burning train accident on the banks of the river Yamuna. RRR movie review

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At best, Rajamouli is not a subtle person. At worst, he is a jerk. Because of this, the filmmaker not only takes advantage of any and all opportunities to reinforce the “fire and water” theme, but he also incorporates dramatic slow-motion images whenever possible. When Bheem trips and knocks a silver tray out of the hand of a server during a garden party, what happens? The tray comes crashing down in slow motion and comes to a complete stop as guests look on with wide eyes and their lips agape. What is the source of Raju’s frustration after getting passed over for a promotion? A punching bag, perhaps? And you can guarantee that shiny, muscular shoulders and dazzling mustache are dripping with sweat as he walks at half-speed down the street. RRR movie review

As a complement to its hyper-dramatic shooting style, RRR also deals in strong emotions. Betrayal, loyalty, and legacy are all key themes in the film, which may be referred to as SSS — “Secrets. Subterfuge. Sacrifice” — in an alternate title. If you compare RRR to a standard Bollywood film (which it is not — it’s a Telugu production), it is weak on music and romance, spending the majority of its screen time to visual spectacle, gonzo action, and patriotic enthusiasm instead of these elements. The interaction between Bheem and Raju has echoes of the macho bromance seen in John Woo’s 1980s films, until it turns into a superhero team-up in the second half of the film. Furthermore, Rajamouli’s camera is unashamed in its adoration of these men, presenting them with lengthy sequences that serve to build anticipation for the characters’ initial appearance in front of the camera. RRR movie review

RRR, despite its stylised feats of mythological bravery, finds time for some lightheartedness and musical interludes. While waiting for the title card — which appears around the 45-minute mark — to come on and the intermission (sorry, “InteRRRmission”) break to begin two hours later, RRR offers viewers the opportunity to hang out with the provincial Bheem and the more Anglicized Raju as they get into mischief and chase girls. When he returns home, Raju has a sweetheart in the form of his childhood friend Sita (Alia Bhatt), to whom he swore undying loyalty before departing for India to join the Indian Imperial Police. Thus, he serves as Bheem’s right-hand man, assisting Bheem in his efforts to win over sympathetic Englishwoman Jenny (Olivia Morris) with his aw-shucks demeanor and outstanding dance abilities.


In RRR, a shirtless Jr NTR shoots an arrow through a gap in a wall of fire that has formed around him.
DVV Entertainment Jr NTR (the common abbreviation for N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) and Ram Charan, both Telugu superstars in their own right, demonstrate those abilities in the rousing “Naatu Naatu,” RRR’s only true musical production number. Photo: DVV Entertainment Jr NTR and Ram Charan, both Telugu superstars in their own right, demonstrate those skills in the rousing “Naatu Naatu,” RRR (Another song, “Etthara Jenda,” plays over the end credits, in which Bheem expresses his defiance while being sentenced for his revolutionary deeds.) M.M. Keeravani, a longtime collaborator of Rajamouli’s, composes the music for these pieces, which also include a title song and instrumental compositions aimed to get audiences on their feet.

With its fluid camerawork, chaotic crowd scenes, sophisticated set design, expensive-looking computer generated imagery (CGI), and loud sound effects, RRR is a crowded movie. Rajamouli is good at balancing the film’s numerous components, so “overstimulated” isn’t quite the right term to describe how you’ll feel when you walk out of the theater after seeing RRR. In fact, it’s more like the pleasurable fatigue that follows a vigorous training session.

In the past, the lengthy running periods of Indian films served as a deterrent to Western audiences who were not accustomed to spending three hours at the cinema. However, times have changed, and RRR is now only ten minutes longer than The Batman in total running time. For its part, despite the fact that it is planned to be released in 30 countries, the film assumes a familiarity with certain characters and iconographies that may be unfamiliar to foreign viewers. Still, at its heart, this is a narrative about people who are fighting for their values in the face of insurmountable obstacles. It is about tenacity and the strength that comes from working together toward a similar goal. All of these themes are universally relevant — as is the exhilarating delight of witnessing racial forces of colonial tyranny receive exactly what they deserve.

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What is the full form of RRR Movie

RRR stands for Roudram Ranam Rudhiram in Telugu, Raththam Ranam Rowthiram in Tamil, Rudhiram Ranam Roudhram in Malayalam, and Roudra Rana Rudhira in Kannada – all of these words translate to Rage, War, and Blood in their respective languages. It turns out that there is another reason for the film’s title to be “RRR,” aside from the full form.

What is the budget of RRR movie

₹ 550 Cr (Approx)

RRR Box office collection

Approx 350cr in 2 days.

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