In Hyderabad, the Shobha Yatra concludes smoothly

In Hyderabad, the Shobha Yatra concludes smoothly

The Ram Navami Shobha Yatra concluded successfully in Hyderabad on Sunday, despite high levels of security presence.

Thousands of devotees took part in the procession, which came to a close on Sunday night at Hanuman Vyayamasala in southern India.

According to Hyderabad Police Commissioner C.V. Anand, rigorous planning, supervision by senior officers, and flawless execution of directives by field personnel all contributed to maintaining peace in the city.

Approximately 1.30 p.m., the main procession set out from Seetarambagh and proceeded to Hanuman Vyayamshala School in Sultan Bazar, after passing through several places that were under the jurisdiction of the Goshamahal and Sultan Bazar traffic police stations.

The use of technology aided in the real-time surveillance of the procession, crowd movement, and vehicular traffic flow. The police commissioner presided over the joint command control centre in his office, which was attended by representatives from the RTC, R&B, GHMC, EMRI, Fire, and Electricity departments.

Drone footage, CCTV feeds, and radio communications were all watched in real time by him, and he delivered directions to field personnel. Senior officers descended on the field and made certain that the procession continued.

It was impossible for the 7,000 police officers who were stationed in sensitive areas and along the procession route to be deterred by the sweltering summer heat.

Organizers, various government departments, worshippers, and members of the general public all worked together to ensure that the march was finished smoothly, according to Anand.

Earlier, he told reporters that on the instruction of the Telangana High Court, two new processions from Begumpet and Tappachabotra had been permitted.


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Because of the Covid crisis, the procession was held after a two-year hiatus, and devotees were quite enthused about it.

In addition to the 6,000 police officers from the city, 1,000 officers were drafted from the districts to assist with the deployment. Personnel from the anti-terrorist wing OCTOPUS, as well as the anti-Maoist Greyhounds and Task Force, were dispatched. Shobha Yatra

The police maintained a high level of vigilance because the parade coincided with the ongoing Ramzan festivities.

The march moved through Bhainsa town in the Nirmal district without incident as well.

The organisers were granted permission by the High Court to bring some riders to the event. Organizers of the Shoba Yatra followed the route that had been determined by the police between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 13.

The High Court was summoned after the police refused permission for the parade to proceed through some communally sensitive locations, as requested by the organisers.

The state administration informed the court that, due to the current state of law and order, authorisation for the parade in specific places had been denied by the state government.

Bhainsa, which is around 260 kilometres from Hyderabad, has been the scene of a number of communal conflicts in recent years. In March of last year, the community had been wracked by violence. In addition, there have been two reports of communal conflicts in 2020.

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